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Trading conditions


In order for us to be able to deliver as quickly as possible, please use your credit card. Because with credit card processing in particular, we can process your order immediately.

For special orders, production will only start upon payment


All prices shown on the website where not otherwise shown or mentioned are per PCS
Shipping costs cover postage and handling

100% satisfaction guarantee

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Which means that you have 60 days from receipt of the product to change your mind about the choice, of which you will get the money back.

Requirements for returns. The return price must be borne by you yourself, and it must be returned in the same packaging as the package arrived in and in the same condition as the product was when you received the product.

If the product is still sent to us, even if the requirements are not met, the buyer will be contacted and will have the choice between letting us keep the product or sending it back to the buyer, at the buyer's expense


The delivery time varies greatly as the product is only made when you order.
Please allow us 3-5 days to produce your product.
The delivery time will typically be 7-14 business days, depending on which product you order.
( Read covid-19 to understand why the delivery time is a bit longer during these times).
However, we guarantee that you will have your product within 1 month.

Right of withdrawal

A 2-week right of withdrawal is granted on all items displayed on our website. If you regret a purchase, you can return the item within 2 weeks of receipt
When returning, a copy of the invoice, a reason for the return and the account number to which the money should be transferred must be attached - if we do not have this information, we cannot return the item. The item must be returned as if it were new and ready to be sold again, with original packaging.


A 2-year right of complaint is granted on our products, cf. the Swedish Purchase Act. If you have received a wrong, defective or defective product, it must be sent to us. With an attachment of your address so that we can send you a new product. Remember to state the cause of the damage.

Damaged shipment

If the item is damaged on receipt, a message is sent to customer service, with attached photos, and we will contact our dispatchers and send you a new product. Note this must take place within 10 days.

When purchasing a customize neon sign on the website

When purchasing a Customize neon sign on the website, an extra price will be added depending on how many characters are in your neon sign in your shopping basket, this must not be removed at checkout.

Return to us

Returns to us must be made to our address: *

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7120 Vejle island.

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