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About us

Neonlab is a Danish-based company that sells LED neon signs B2C and B2B. In everyday language, we sell to private individuals and companies.

Neonlab started with the intention of making neon modern again, just in a new and innovative way. Our first wish was to make the traditional neon tubes, as was done in the old days, but the experience we slowly built up, we soon found out that the prices, the handling and the difficulty of putting up a traditional neon sign should be able to be improved. We therefore started our search for newer and innovative products that could give the same effect and atmosphere as the traditional neon light.

From here came the idea of ​​LED neon signs. We sat down and sorted out the pros and cons of LED neon signs. After a few hours it was clear that there were no downsides. With this, Neonlab was founded and ready to tell Denmark and the outside world about the new way of making neon signs

The signs are made on an acrylic sheet where a groove is milled with a CNC router, an LED strip is placed in the groove, after which a film of silicone in the chosen color is applied over the LED strip

We now sell LED neon signs to some of the largest businesses in Denmark and the majority of Danish households.

We hope you will join us on Neonlab's journey

The best greetings
The Neonlab team