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Neon sign customizer (DKK 150 per letter)

150,00 kr

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Here you can get answers to most of the questions you might have about our products - if you can't find your question, please contact us. Contact information is at the bottom of the page

How long do your neon signs last?

- 25,000 - 50,000 hours

How many volts are they?

- 12 volts

Do they get hot?

- No, our neon signs are built not to absorb that much heat

Can the item be returned?

- Yes, if you are not happy with the product and don't want it anyway - you can send the product back to our company address - in exactly the same condition and packaging it came in - from there we will examine it and see if it is in the same condition. If it is in the same condition and packed in exactly the same way, we will send the money back immediately.

What if the neon sign breaks?

- If your neon sign breaks, you have 2 years to exchange it, send it to our company address and we will examine them. Note that the damage must be caused by the sign itself, for example if it suddenly breaks. This does not apply if the damage is caused by you.

If you have any other questions, you are more than welcome to write to us at

50 cm 1 line - 5-10 cm height

75 cm 1 line - 10-20 cm height

100 cm 1 line - 15-25 cm height

125 cm 1 line - 15-30 cm height

150 cm 1 line - 20-35 cm height

200 cm 1 line - 25-40 cm height.

(2-5 cm increase per line)


50 cm * max. 6 letters per Line *

75 cm * max. 9 letters per Line *

100 cm * max. 12 letters per Line *

150 cm * max. 18 letters per Line *

200 cm * max. 24 letters per Line *

250 cm * max. 30 letters per Line *

300 cm * max. 36 letters per Line *

All custom signs are custom-made, so unfortunately we do not accept returns (unless there is a mistake, of course). All our products have a 2-year right of complaint and warranty.

For returns, contact us at:
Please state the order number when you send an email regarding the return.

Please note that from sending the return order until it is received and processed, it can take 6-9 working days. Refunds can take 2-3 business days depending on the bank and payment method.

All our signs come with holes for hanging with either screws or steel wires, so it rarely requires professional help to hang our signs.

The acrylic plate cannot be seen at all when the sign is switched on and up against a wall. The sign has a 1.5 meter transparent power cable (can be made longer if you contact us)

Since all our signs are made in LED neon flex, they use very little power, release almost no heat, and are very durable. The LED has a lifespan of 50,000+ hours. In addition, our signs are also significantly cheaper than traditional glass tube neon signs.

Each sign (custom made or existing design) comes standard with a dimmer function (adjust brightness up/down and on/off button) and a remote control for your sign that can be used to dim the light (or brighten it), turn it on/off for it from a distance and set the light to flash / glow in several patterns - great for controlling your sign and making it fit every situation - party, chill, moody etc.

When ordering outdoor signs, it will be sealed with silicone and end pieces so that it is waterproof.

Please note that signs of 150cm or more come in 2 parts or more as they are otherwise too fragile.

If you order a custom-made sign, you also have the option to choose whether the acrylic plate should be square or cut to the design (we also offer to make the plate completely round, please send us an inquiry / email if you have special wishes).

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Super satisfied customers, good customer service fast delivery 5/5, my salon shines now

Marianna holm

I love it, my little hair salon was missing the finishing touch, Neonlab came with it, happy customer

John Watson

Perfect for my daughter's room, she loves it, I love it, thanks. And fantastic customer service

Lean mountain

Was skeptical about the similarity, but the sign is similar to the design 1:1, or like what I see in more of

Mathias larsen

Eye-catching is important and the LED neon sign helps with that, we love it, thank you Neonlab

Mads lassen

Perfect for our little esports team, the kids love it, so do I, I'm a proud coach

Mohamed Madsen

Perfect for my salon's facade, it looks great. Thank you for a quick process and delivery, I look forward to seeing you again

Louise kjærsgaard

Clarks, my little cafe, never looked so good before, love it. I get so much praise for what you see more of

Katrine Sørensen

Our logo in neon, it fits perfectly, we thank you for giving us good service and fast delivery

Michael - Spawn Express

Just moved into my new house and needed something personal, sent this design and had it within 11 days, love it

Martin Hjort

Led neon is a perfect fit for my store here in Vejle. I love it I have received a lot of praise for it


So the home bar is complete, you have to say, thank you for the fast delivery, that's really cool

John lassen

From Virtual to Reality

All our designs on the website, as well as your custom design, will look 1:1

If you are not satisfied just get your money back!